Sunday, October 23, 2011

Birmingham.....Here I come again!

Am so excited about going to the Mt. Brook YMCA for a SKITE SHOW on Wednesday.  I will have a booth in the gym at their HEALTH FAIR.  Stop by between 7:00 and 1:00 and get a SKITE for this cool weather!  Please call me if you can't get there during those hours and I'll make arrangements to meet you before I leave town! 

Mary Jane Parrish


You should see the SKITES at Sandestin!!!  I had a SKITE SHOW there on Monday and Tuesday and was blessed to have many sales and lots of enthusiasm!  A big THANKS to sweet, wonderful, beautiful Lydia for inviting me!  Hopefully, I'll be coming back for another show for the evening exercise classes.  What a great program they offer!  I didn't realize you can take classes there and not have to be a member!  It's the best deal in town!  $6.00 a class!  The instructors are amazing and they offer EVERYTHING!  Check it out!

Met another angel there, too, BTW.  Her name is Robin and she is adorable!  She is now the proud owner of SIX SKITES!!!!!  She looks absolutely adorable in every single one of them.  She will be sporting a pink ribbon SKITE in a race this Saturday

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Back to Birmingham!!!!

Sooooooooooo excited!  Mary C. at the Mt. Brook YMCA in Mountain Brook invited me to come back for their HEALTH FAIR on October 26th!!!!!  Can't wait!


Met the nicest, cutest gal on Thursday!  Her name is Lydia and she is in charge of the Fitness Program at Sandestin!  We have a mutual friend, Cindy, who told me I needed to meet her and show her my SKITES! Good call, Cindy!  Cindy works at Sellers Tile and is wonderful and beautiful and sweet as pie!  So is her friend, Lydia!!!  You should see Lydia in the SKITE....she looks like 5 million dollars!  I have a photo of my facebook page of Lydia and another precious customer and friend, Jennifer!  They are posing in their SKITES after the Habitrot for Humanity Race today at Sandestin!  Great advertisement for me to have these babes sporting the SKITE!!!  I will try to add the photo to this blog!   ANYWAY....Lydia is going to let me showcase my SKITES at the Sandestin Fitness Center on October 17th and 18th!  Please come by and take a look!  I'll be there from 7ish to noonish!!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

BIG SALE!!!!!!

Hey Everybody!!!!

All of my "all paisley" SKITES are on sale for $39.00.  This is your chance to give it a try.  Go ahead....take a walk on the wild side!!!!

Happy SKITING!!!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Talked with my wonderful sister on Friday who was making a 12 hour drive to see our Mom.  She told me she had on a SKITE and realized what great travel gear it was!  So comfortable and still, sooooooo cute!

Cute again!

Great compliment from a customer in Colorado!  She told me she put on her SKITE and felt like she was 25 again!  She went downstairs to show her husband and he said, "That is so darn cute"!!!!!  (Don't ask me why....guys just love to see us in SKITES!!!)

Birmingham SKITE SHOW

Oh, how I love Birmingham!  What a happy, healthy place to live!!!  I absolutely love being there...(not to mention my precious daughter, Ann Wade, lives there!!!!)

Anyway, I arrived at the Mountain Brook YMCA around 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday.  My friend, Judy Theriot, beat me there!  She had graciously offered to help me and I, of course, got lost and was late!  NO SENSE OF DIRECTION!!!!  Anyway, thanks Judy, I couldn't have done it without you.  Also a big thanks to Ann Wade and Abby Finney for their help!  Y'all are great!!!!

After the 8:30 classes, we had a mad rush for SKITES.  The gals loved the new animal prints, plaids and patterns.  Seeing them excited, made me get excited all over again!  Everybody looked so, so cute in them!  They really DO look soooooooooooo much better "on" than "off"...They are so flattering, feminine and flirty!  Cute, cute, cute!!!  Who says you have to look like a jock when you workout????  Please send photos, girls!  Would love to post them online!

Mary, thanks so much to you for inviting me.  I will definitely be sending you a portion of my proceeds to show my appreciation to the YMCA.

Please continue to check out my website for new designs and fabrics.....Not too early to be thinking about Christmas gifts!

Happy Skiting!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hi from Bermuda!  What a beautiful place...lucky me...getting to tag along with my husband on business/pleasure trip......

If you haven't already discovered this, the SKITE is PERFECT for travel.....So comfortable, yet so cute.  Am always interested in female attire in the airport....most interesting......?????????
Why sacrifice style for comfort?  Have both with the SKITE!!!!  As soon as we arrived, I headed straight for the gym....Was I happy to take it off?  Oh yeah.....12 hours in a SKITE is even too long for me!

Met a darling gal from Cleveland who reps children's clothing.  She was very interested in getting samples of the new KIDS SKITES,,,,This is going to be fun!

Many of my customers have suggested making a SKITE that is tighter, shorter and lower waisted.  I first thought I would call these the SKINNY SKITES, but now I think I have a better idea.....How about the SASSY SKITE(skinnier fit) and the CLASSY SKITE(traditional fit).??????  These will be "unveiled" at my show in Birmingham this Wednesday at the Mt. Brook YMCA!!  Can't wait!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Wihout Kandie, there would be no SKITES!!!!!  A HUGE thank you to my friend and seamstress!!!!!  When I designed the SKITE, I said to myself, "Hey....I can make problem......I took sewing lessons when I was 12 years old.....easy breezy".....So I go online, order a sewing machine(BIG mistake) purchase some "practice fabric" and eagerly await the delivery of my machine....OK, it arrives, I sit down to sew(can barely even thread the needle with my 2.0 reading glasses!) and 4 grueling hours later, I produce a bunched up, uneven, rag tag excuse for a SKITE!  I wanted to cry!!!   Instead, I laughed and began my search for an accomplished seamstress.  This road was long and circuitous, but I ultimately found Kandie and she ROCKS, ROCKS, ROCKS!!!!!!!   In addition to sewing SKITES, she does a fabulous job as head of the Golden Retriever Rescue.....there is always an extra dog around her house......she has two of her own!!!!!!  She also does upholstery, slipcovers....any kind of sewing...she does it!!  Her range of talent never ceases to amaze me!  Best of all.....she has a smile on her face ALWAYS and a wonderful sense of humor!  I am blessed to have her in my life!   THANK YOU, KANDIE!!!!

(Anybody want to buy a sewing machine used ONE TIME????)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hudson's Coupon Lady: Skite Review:)

Hudson's Coupon Lady: Skite Review:): As a female runner, I want comfort, and quality in my work out attire, as well as I want to look cute! I have had the great honor of working...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh gosh......I am the worst blogger EVER!!!!!

Cannot believe I've been so negligent!!!  I am soooooooooooooooooo re-excited about the SKITE!!!  Fall is coming, cooler weather is just around the corner, tans are fading.....definitely time to invest in a SKITE (or another SKITE!!!)  Went to New York City last week to "fabric shop".....Had never been to the Garment District in the city!  What a wild, crazy place!!!!  Met with one of my vendors, who is absolutely delightful.  I had NEVER seen so much SPANDEX in one place!  You name it...he has it!  Loved every minute of the 4 hours I spent there!  I bought some of the coolest looking fabric....Can't wait for you to see the new photos....Several "animal prints", some great solid gray spandex and some FABULOUS fabrics for kids!  I am adding a "mother/daughter" collection that is so, so neat!  Help me think of a name.....KIDS' SKITES???  TYKE SKITES?  GIRLY SKITES????   HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had the most fabulous trip to Birmingham, Alabama a couple of weeks ago.  My beautiful daughter, Ann Wade Parrish, lives there!  She is a professional photographer, spin instructor, runner, Pure Barre enthusiast, Samford graduate.....Anyway.....several of my clients had mentioned The TRAK SHAK as THE running store in Birmingham, so of course, I am hoping they will want to carry the SKITE!!!!  I am sending Jeff some samples which he will place on some high profile runners in town.  Thank you, Jeff.

On the way to see Jeff, I stopped at the Shades Valley YMCA (quite by accident...I was headed to the one on Columbiana Rd. and got lost?????) and jumped on a bike in a spin class.  There, I met "Abby the Angel"...Of course, I was wearing a SKITE and she told me she LOVED it, wanted one and could we talk after class?  Well, OF COURSE!!!!  She was so excited and wanted to take me to the Mountain Brook YMCA because she knew they had a retail shop there for workout clothes.  We jumped in our cars, raced over there, had a VERY successful encounter with several ladies who also LOVED the SKITE!!!!!  Fortunate enough to run into the Director who asked me to come back and do a SHOW!  I am thrilled!!!  I will be doing a SKITE SHOW on September 28th at the Mountain Brook YMCA!  I just can't wait!!! 

Sunday, June 26, 2011



How about a SOLO SKITE for summer?   SKIRT ONLY to go over those bike tights!  Perfect for stopping for lunch, shopping or sightseeing!  Go to and order one today!  Black, navy and our famous paisley available!!!    Click on "Custom Skites" and order a SOLO SKITE in your size and color!   They are only 35.00 and that INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!!!! (anywhere in the continental United States).....If you're a recreational rider and don't always wear the bike tights, the SHORT SKITE is your best bet.  Attached tights fit under a flirty skirt.  Price for the SHORT SKITE is, for a limited time, only 49.00!  (This also includes free shipping!!!!)))))

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Considering a Tatoo????

Do you secretly want a tatoo?  Of course you do!  Why not "try it out" with the signature paisley tights?  I guarantee people will think you are taking a walk on the wild side!!  The attached skirt can be black, gray, white, navy or even paisley!!!!

BTW, the price is going back down to an affordable 59.00 which includes FREE SHIPPING!!!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh gosh....I've missed a few days!!!!

Yikes!  I promised a new post everyday?  Do I get a second chance?  I hope so!!!!  First fun story....
I was catching up with a precious friend in Memphis last week.  We talked about everything and of course, I told her all about my SKITE!!!!!  She was thrilled!  She told me she had ordered $500.00 worth of clothing from a "big time" manufacturer and had to send every single thing back!  She said she looked ridiculous in everything, which I find hard to believe!  However, I did offer to send her a SKITE just to try.  Two days later I received an email which went like this,  "The SKITE is an answered prayer!  I didn't think I could even look cute anymore...much less while I was working out!  I want one in every color!!!"  Made my day!

My friend Sara Sullivan, who owns The Studio at the Shops in Grayton, has really been selling the SKITES.  There are several "small skites" for cute little girls in her store.  I had a nine year old cutie tell me yesterday that she did NOT like pink and that most girls her age would prefer lime green!!!!  When did girls quit liking pink???

The ultimate compliment came from my daughter, Ann Wade.  She said, "OK, Mom, how many times do I have to tell you that I REALLY want a short black SKITE?????"  It's in the mail, angel! 

One of my houseguests this weekend was Trisha Wilson from Dallas.  I picked her up from the airport, wearing my SKITE( of I ever take it off?)  and she honestly had a FIT over it!!!  It took her five minutes on her Blackberry to  put me in touch with a wonderful marketing person and a pro in the retail manufacturing business!  I've talked with both of them and to say I am excited is the understatement of the decade!!!!   Look out y'all.....Here comes the SKITE!!!!!!  Thank you, Trisha!

Monday, May 30, 2011


Remember my 10 year friend, Marianna?  She has inspired me start a whole new collection, SMALLSKITES!!!  Every girl needs one, don't you think????

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Availability of Skites in Local Shops

Please see a SKITE "in person" at Big Daddys, Pure Barre, The Studio at Grayton and The Studio at Seaside!  Don't forget, you can create your own color combination when you order online.  Available colors presently are black, navy, gray, pink, white and paisley!!!!

Lesley Jane's

Another very exciting thing happened this week in my SKITE world!  My friend, Nancy Martin from Zionsville, Indiana was vacationing at Watercolor several weeks ago.  Wendy and Amy at La Vie Est Belle were kind enough to tell her about the SKITE and we met.  Nancy is wonderful and was so excited that she purchased 3 SKITES that day!  She called me a few days later and said all the gals in her hiking group wanted one, too!  Needless to say, I was soooooo excited!  Anyway, one of her friends has an ADORABLE shop in Zionsville called Lesley Jane's!  LJ loved the SKITE and is now carrying them in her shop!!!!!!!  

New Leaf!!!!!

OK.....I'm turning over a new leaf!  I'm going to blog every single day!  One of my majors was English, so, of course, I'm a frustrated writer anyway!!!!!   I'm actually working on a book, THE FIFTH GRADE DOOR...I've written one chapter, but hey....that's a whole other story for another day!!!!!!

HAVE to write about my new friend, Marianna.  Oh my goodness gracious......10 years old and absolutely adorable.  My dear friend, Helena, has purchased several skites and looks like five million dollars in them!  Marianna asked Helena if she could purchase a skite for her mother, Marley, for Mother's Day!  (When Helena told me a friend of hers wanted one, I had no idea the friend was 10!!!!)  I was late delivering the skite and Helena told me her friend was getting very worried about not having it in time for Mother's Day.  I sheepishly showed up and met my new client, Marianna.  Have you every had a little girl just capture your heart instantly????  Well, she did!  I told her how wonderful I thought it was that she was giving her Mom such a nice gift.  She told me she went to work with her Mom (who is a housekeeper) every Saturday so that she could save enough money to get her this gift!   How sweet is that???????   Marianna was so excited that her Mom looked so adorable in the skite, and of course, I was about to cry!!!!  I knew it was important for her to make this purchase, but I did ask Marianna to allow me to make a skite for her.  She said that would be great and lime green was her favorite color.  She wanted the tights to be white and short, for summer.  Although I couldn't find a lime green, I do think she was excited about having her own skite.  All of us plan to get together for lunch next week!!!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Paisley tights!

You just cannot believe how CUTE the paisley tights are!!!!!  I have one with a black skirt and one with a dark gray skirt!  Honestly, the paisley hides all flaws!  For some reason, they are VERY figure flattering!!!
Very cute for spring and summer!!!

Customer Comments about the SKITE!!!!!

Beth H. says, "I was the hit of my pilates class yesterday when I wore my skite!"

Laura J. says, OMG!  I am obsessed with the skite!

Donna W. says, "After several days in a row of wearing my skite, my daughter told me I HAD to take it off sometime!"

Nancy M says, "I am in a hiking group in Indiana!  This could be our uniform for our trip in September!"

Beth J. says, "I can wear it ANYWHERE!"

Jackie S. says, "I love the fact that I'm wearing it and nobody is staring at my backside"!!!!!

Helena S. says, "I feel like I look good when I'm working out!"

Renee N. says, "I love not having all my skin exposed to the sun!"

Wendy M. says, "I feel like such a girl when I have this on!""

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SKITE for MOM!!!!

Just had a great idea!  How about a skite for your Mom for Mother's Day???  I'll bet she would love it....OR.....just buy one for yourself!  You deserve it!  I am having one made now with a black skirt and paisley tights!!  Should be wild......will attempt to post photo!  The gray fabric I have now is awesome...I also have some "ballet pink" fabric that's really pretty.

Also, I have a couple of XXS tights and paisley skirts.....(maybe for a teenager or an itsy bitsy body)

Honestly put my black SKITE on today at 6:30 am and took it off 10 minutes ago!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

What in the world is a SKITE????

Hi Y'all!  I am Mary Jane Parrish, inventor of the SKITE!!!!  I am sooooooooo excited about my very cool new website designed by the very cool team of Lauren and Dianne Howerton......

OK, so what IS a skite????  It is a one piece wondergarment for women workout warriors!  A feminine fashion fundamental for the fitness fanatic!  Actually, it's a sassy little skirt sewn onto a pair of moisture wicking tights.  You have worn skirts, you have worn shorts, you have worn skorts, you have worn tights....BUT, you have never worn a SKITE!!!  It's slightly dangerous to have one, because you will never want to take it off.  My husband says he hasn't seen my legs in months!!!  Seriously, everyone remotely interested in looking somewhat attractive while exercising needs to purchase a skite!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

skite buzz

Welcome to page for skite specials and upcoming events!