Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hi from Bermuda!  What a beautiful place...lucky me...getting to tag along with my husband on business/pleasure trip......

If you haven't already discovered this, the SKITE is PERFECT for travel.....So comfortable, yet so cute.  Am always interested in female attire in the airport....most interesting......?????????
Why sacrifice style for comfort?  Have both with the SKITE!!!!  As soon as we arrived, I headed straight for the gym....Was I happy to take it off?  Oh yeah.....12 hours in a SKITE is even too long for me!

Met a darling gal from Cleveland who reps children's clothing.  She was very interested in getting samples of the new KIDS SKITES,,,,This is going to be fun!

Many of my customers have suggested making a SKITE that is tighter, shorter and lower waisted.  I first thought I would call these the SKINNY SKITES, but now I think I have a better idea.....How about the SASSY SKITE(skinnier fit) and the CLASSY SKITE(traditional fit).??????  These will be "unveiled" at my show in Birmingham this Wednesday at the Mt. Brook YMCA!!  Can't wait!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Wihout Kandie, there would be no SKITES!!!!!  A HUGE thank you to my friend and seamstress!!!!!  When I designed the SKITE, I said to myself, "Hey....I can make problem......I took sewing lessons when I was 12 years old.....easy breezy".....So I go online, order a sewing machine(BIG mistake) purchase some "practice fabric" and eagerly await the delivery of my machine....OK, it arrives, I sit down to sew(can barely even thread the needle with my 2.0 reading glasses!) and 4 grueling hours later, I produce a bunched up, uneven, rag tag excuse for a SKITE!  I wanted to cry!!!   Instead, I laughed and began my search for an accomplished seamstress.  This road was long and circuitous, but I ultimately found Kandie and she ROCKS, ROCKS, ROCKS!!!!!!!   In addition to sewing SKITES, she does a fabulous job as head of the Golden Retriever Rescue.....there is always an extra dog around her house......she has two of her own!!!!!!  She also does upholstery, slipcovers....any kind of sewing...she does it!!  Her range of talent never ceases to amaze me!  Best of all.....she has a smile on her face ALWAYS and a wonderful sense of humor!  I am blessed to have her in my life!   THANK YOU, KANDIE!!!!

(Anybody want to buy a sewing machine used ONE TIME????)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hudson's Coupon Lady: Skite Review:)

Hudson's Coupon Lady: Skite Review:): As a female runner, I want comfort, and quality in my work out attire, as well as I want to look cute! I have had the great honor of working...