Sunday, June 26, 2011



How about a SOLO SKITE for summer?   SKIRT ONLY to go over those bike tights!  Perfect for stopping for lunch, shopping or sightseeing!  Go to and order one today!  Black, navy and our famous paisley available!!!    Click on "Custom Skites" and order a SOLO SKITE in your size and color!   They are only 35.00 and that INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!!!! (anywhere in the continental United States).....If you're a recreational rider and don't always wear the bike tights, the SHORT SKITE is your best bet.  Attached tights fit under a flirty skirt.  Price for the SHORT SKITE is, for a limited time, only 49.00!  (This also includes free shipping!!!!)))))

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Considering a Tatoo????

Do you secretly want a tatoo?  Of course you do!  Why not "try it out" with the signature paisley tights?  I guarantee people will think you are taking a walk on the wild side!!  The attached skirt can be black, gray, white, navy or even paisley!!!!

BTW, the price is going back down to an affordable 59.00 which includes FREE SHIPPING!!!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh gosh....I've missed a few days!!!!

Yikes!  I promised a new post everyday?  Do I get a second chance?  I hope so!!!!  First fun story....
I was catching up with a precious friend in Memphis last week.  We talked about everything and of course, I told her all about my SKITE!!!!!  She was thrilled!  She told me she had ordered $500.00 worth of clothing from a "big time" manufacturer and had to send every single thing back!  She said she looked ridiculous in everything, which I find hard to believe!  However, I did offer to send her a SKITE just to try.  Two days later I received an email which went like this,  "The SKITE is an answered prayer!  I didn't think I could even look cute anymore...much less while I was working out!  I want one in every color!!!"  Made my day!

My friend Sara Sullivan, who owns The Studio at the Shops in Grayton, has really been selling the SKITES.  There are several "small skites" for cute little girls in her store.  I had a nine year old cutie tell me yesterday that she did NOT like pink and that most girls her age would prefer lime green!!!!  When did girls quit liking pink???

The ultimate compliment came from my daughter, Ann Wade.  She said, "OK, Mom, how many times do I have to tell you that I REALLY want a short black SKITE?????"  It's in the mail, angel! 

One of my houseguests this weekend was Trisha Wilson from Dallas.  I picked her up from the airport, wearing my SKITE( of I ever take it off?)  and she honestly had a FIT over it!!!  It took her five minutes on her Blackberry to  put me in touch with a wonderful marketing person and a pro in the retail manufacturing business!  I've talked with both of them and to say I am excited is the understatement of the decade!!!!   Look out y'all.....Here comes the SKITE!!!!!!  Thank you, Trisha!