Sunday, October 23, 2011

Birmingham.....Here I come again!

Am so excited about going to the Mt. Brook YMCA for a SKITE SHOW on Wednesday.  I will have a booth in the gym at their HEALTH FAIR.  Stop by between 7:00 and 1:00 and get a SKITE for this cool weather!  Please call me if you can't get there during those hours and I'll make arrangements to meet you before I leave town! 

Mary Jane Parrish


You should see the SKITES at Sandestin!!!  I had a SKITE SHOW there on Monday and Tuesday and was blessed to have many sales and lots of enthusiasm!  A big THANKS to sweet, wonderful, beautiful Lydia for inviting me!  Hopefully, I'll be coming back for another show for the evening exercise classes.  What a great program they offer!  I didn't realize you can take classes there and not have to be a member!  It's the best deal in town!  $6.00 a class!  The instructors are amazing and they offer EVERYTHING!  Check it out!

Met another angel there, too, BTW.  Her name is Robin and she is adorable!  She is now the proud owner of SIX SKITES!!!!!  She looks absolutely adorable in every single one of them.  She will be sporting a pink ribbon SKITE in a race this Saturday

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Back to Birmingham!!!!

Sooooooooooo excited!  Mary C. at the Mt. Brook YMCA in Mountain Brook invited me to come back for their HEALTH FAIR on October 26th!!!!!  Can't wait!


Met the nicest, cutest gal on Thursday!  Her name is Lydia and she is in charge of the Fitness Program at Sandestin!  We have a mutual friend, Cindy, who told me I needed to meet her and show her my SKITES! Good call, Cindy!  Cindy works at Sellers Tile and is wonderful and beautiful and sweet as pie!  So is her friend, Lydia!!!  You should see Lydia in the SKITE....she looks like 5 million dollars!  I have a photo of my facebook page of Lydia and another precious customer and friend, Jennifer!  They are posing in their SKITES after the Habitrot for Humanity Race today at Sandestin!  Great advertisement for me to have these babes sporting the SKITE!!!  I will try to add the photo to this blog!   ANYWAY....Lydia is going to let me showcase my SKITES at the Sandestin Fitness Center on October 17th and 18th!  Please come by and take a look!  I'll be there from 7ish to noonish!!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

BIG SALE!!!!!!

Hey Everybody!!!!

All of my "all paisley" SKITES are on sale for $39.00.  This is your chance to give it a try.  Go ahead....take a walk on the wild side!!!!

Happy SKITING!!!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Talked with my wonderful sister on Friday who was making a 12 hour drive to see our Mom.  She told me she had on a SKITE and realized what great travel gear it was!  So comfortable and still, sooooooo cute!

Cute again!

Great compliment from a customer in Colorado!  She told me she put on her SKITE and felt like she was 25 again!  She went downstairs to show her husband and he said, "That is so darn cute"!!!!!  (Don't ask me why....guys just love to see us in SKITES!!!)

Birmingham SKITE SHOW

Oh, how I love Birmingham!  What a happy, healthy place to live!!!  I absolutely love being there...(not to mention my precious daughter, Ann Wade, lives there!!!!)

Anyway, I arrived at the Mountain Brook YMCA around 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday.  My friend, Judy Theriot, beat me there!  She had graciously offered to help me and I, of course, got lost and was late!  NO SENSE OF DIRECTION!!!!  Anyway, thanks Judy, I couldn't have done it without you.  Also a big thanks to Ann Wade and Abby Finney for their help!  Y'all are great!!!!

After the 8:30 classes, we had a mad rush for SKITES.  The gals loved the new animal prints, plaids and patterns.  Seeing them excited, made me get excited all over again!  Everybody looked so, so cute in them!  They really DO look soooooooooooo much better "on" than "off"...They are so flattering, feminine and flirty!  Cute, cute, cute!!!  Who says you have to look like a jock when you workout????  Please send photos, girls!  Would love to post them online!

Mary, thanks so much to you for inviting me.  I will definitely be sending you a portion of my proceeds to show my appreciation to the YMCA.

Please continue to check out my website for new designs and fabrics.....Not too early to be thinking about Christmas gifts!

Happy Skiting!!!!