Monday, May 30, 2011


Remember my 10 year friend, Marianna?  She has inspired me start a whole new collection, SMALLSKITES!!!  Every girl needs one, don't you think????

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Availability of Skites in Local Shops

Please see a SKITE "in person" at Big Daddys, Pure Barre, The Studio at Grayton and The Studio at Seaside!  Don't forget, you can create your own color combination when you order online.  Available colors presently are black, navy, gray, pink, white and paisley!!!!

Lesley Jane's

Another very exciting thing happened this week in my SKITE world!  My friend, Nancy Martin from Zionsville, Indiana was vacationing at Watercolor several weeks ago.  Wendy and Amy at La Vie Est Belle were kind enough to tell her about the SKITE and we met.  Nancy is wonderful and was so excited that she purchased 3 SKITES that day!  She called me a few days later and said all the gals in her hiking group wanted one, too!  Needless to say, I was soooooo excited!  Anyway, one of her friends has an ADORABLE shop in Zionsville called Lesley Jane's!  LJ loved the SKITE and is now carrying them in her shop!!!!!!!  

New Leaf!!!!!

OK.....I'm turning over a new leaf!  I'm going to blog every single day!  One of my majors was English, so, of course, I'm a frustrated writer anyway!!!!!   I'm actually working on a book, THE FIFTH GRADE DOOR...I've written one chapter, but hey....that's a whole other story for another day!!!!!!

HAVE to write about my new friend, Marianna.  Oh my goodness gracious......10 years old and absolutely adorable.  My dear friend, Helena, has purchased several skites and looks like five million dollars in them!  Marianna asked Helena if she could purchase a skite for her mother, Marley, for Mother's Day!  (When Helena told me a friend of hers wanted one, I had no idea the friend was 10!!!!)  I was late delivering the skite and Helena told me her friend was getting very worried about not having it in time for Mother's Day.  I sheepishly showed up and met my new client, Marianna.  Have you every had a little girl just capture your heart instantly????  Well, she did!  I told her how wonderful I thought it was that she was giving her Mom such a nice gift.  She told me she went to work with her Mom (who is a housekeeper) every Saturday so that she could save enough money to get her this gift!   How sweet is that???????   Marianna was so excited that her Mom looked so adorable in the skite, and of course, I was about to cry!!!!  I knew it was important for her to make this purchase, but I did ask Marianna to allow me to make a skite for her.  She said that would be great and lime green was her favorite color.  She wanted the tights to be white and short, for summer.  Although I couldn't find a lime green, I do think she was excited about having her own skite.  All of us plan to get together for lunch next week!!!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Paisley tights!

You just cannot believe how CUTE the paisley tights are!!!!!  I have one with a black skirt and one with a dark gray skirt!  Honestly, the paisley hides all flaws!  For some reason, they are VERY figure flattering!!!
Very cute for spring and summer!!!

Customer Comments about the SKITE!!!!!

Beth H. says, "I was the hit of my pilates class yesterday when I wore my skite!"

Laura J. says, OMG!  I am obsessed with the skite!

Donna W. says, "After several days in a row of wearing my skite, my daughter told me I HAD to take it off sometime!"

Nancy M says, "I am in a hiking group in Indiana!  This could be our uniform for our trip in September!"

Beth J. says, "I can wear it ANYWHERE!"

Jackie S. says, "I love the fact that I'm wearing it and nobody is staring at my backside"!!!!!

Helena S. says, "I feel like I look good when I'm working out!"

Renee N. says, "I love not having all my skin exposed to the sun!"

Wendy M. says, "I feel like such a girl when I have this on!""