Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh gosh......I am the worst blogger EVER!!!!!

Cannot believe I've been so negligent!!!  I am soooooooooooooooooo re-excited about the SKITE!!!  Fall is coming, cooler weather is just around the corner, tans are fading.....definitely time to invest in a SKITE (or another SKITE!!!)  Went to New York City last week to "fabric shop".....Had never been to the Garment District in the city!  What a wild, crazy place!!!!  Met with one of my vendors, who is absolutely delightful.  I had NEVER seen so much SPANDEX in one place!  You name it...he has it!  Loved every minute of the 4 hours I spent there!  I bought some of the coolest looking fabric....Can't wait for you to see the new photos....Several "animal prints", some great solid gray spandex and some FABULOUS fabrics for kids!  I am adding a "mother/daughter" collection that is so, so neat!  Help me think of a name.....KIDS' SKITES???  TYKE SKITES?  GIRLY SKITES????   HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had the most fabulous trip to Birmingham, Alabama a couple of weeks ago.  My beautiful daughter, Ann Wade Parrish, lives there!  She is a professional photographer, spin instructor, runner, Pure Barre enthusiast, Samford graduate.....Anyway.....several of my clients had mentioned The TRAK SHAK as THE running store in Birmingham, so of course, I am hoping they will want to carry the SKITE!!!!  I am sending Jeff some samples which he will place on some high profile runners in town.  Thank you, Jeff.

On the way to see Jeff, I stopped at the Shades Valley YMCA (quite by accident...I was headed to the one on Columbiana Rd. and got lost?????) and jumped on a bike in a spin class.  There, I met "Abby the Angel"...Of course, I was wearing a SKITE and she told me she LOVED it, wanted one and could we talk after class?  Well, OF COURSE!!!!  She was so excited and wanted to take me to the Mountain Brook YMCA because she knew they had a retail shop there for workout clothes.  We jumped in our cars, raced over there, had a VERY successful encounter with several ladies who also LOVED the SKITE!!!!!  Fortunate enough to run into the Director who asked me to come back and do a SHOW!  I am thrilled!!!  I will be doing a SKITE SHOW on September 28th at the Mountain Brook YMCA!  I just can't wait!!!