Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Golf.Hike Skite

OK...this new GOLF/HIKE SKITE is your go-to skirt for summer even if you don't golf or hike!  The amazing young lady who, along with her amazing mother, (Lauren and Dianne Howerton of
designed my website have added a photo on the shopping cart page.  It is pictured(modeled by the next super model, Alden Easter) in slate gray, but also available in black or white OR one of the neon colors!  The skirt is 3" longer than the SHORT SKITE (16", not 13") with FABULOUS side pockets AND a square back pocket!  So darn won't believe it!  Your choice! Just so you'll try it, I am offering 20% off through Sunday, June 17th AND I will ship it to you FREE!  Remember, I gladly accept exchanges and/or returns within 30 days!

Also check out the new cover photos on my FB page(thank you, Dianne!!!)  Who is the beautiful blonde?  My precious daughter, Ann Wade!!!

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